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Admiralty and maritime lawyers in Vietnam may represent and defend the interests of commercial ship owners and charters involving the total spectrum of maritime casualties, accidents and disputes which may arise in reference to commercial ocean shipping.

When legal proceeding arises from a maritime casualty or dispute admiralty and maritime lawyers in Vietnam commit the total range of the firm’s resources and therefore the intensive litigation expertise of our attorneys to attain the most effective potential outcome for the client. The attorneys additionally counsel ship owners, charters, marine insurers and clients on risk avoidance, regulative necessities and strategic legal solutions.
Additionally admiralty and maritime lawyers in Vietnam are frequently appointed by a broad vary of domestic and international marine insurance corporations directly or through our international partner law firms in UK, US and Australia to represent and defend the interests of their insureds in reference to casualties involving each commercial and recreational vessels.
An overview of the a number of the kinds of maritime claims, casualties and transactions that admiralty and maritime lawyers regularly handle is as folllowing:
  • Casualty Defense, Investigation and Litigation
    • Collisions
    • Cargo damage
    • Personal injury and death (seamen, longshoremen and passengers)
    • Property damage
    • Product liability
    • Shipowner’s limitation of liability
  • Marine Liability Insurance
  • Commercial Disputes
    • Bills of Lading
    • Charter party disputes
    • Vessel mortgage foreclosure
  • General Average and Salvage Claims
  • Vessel Regulatory Matters
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Civil fines and penalties
    • Security issues
  • Maritime Contracts
    • Contracts of affreightment, bills of lading and charter parties
    • Drafting and advice
  • Recreational Boating
    • Injuries and Property Damage
    • Product Liability
    • Sales and documentation
    • Subrogation
ANT Lawyers has law been partnering with a number of UK, US, and Australian law firms in advising clients in admiralty and maritime in Vietnam.
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