Thứ Hai, 20 tháng 7, 2015

Why Foreigners Find it Difficult to Purchase Properties in Vietnam?

The policy to open up the real estate market allowing foreigners to enter Vietnam and make investment in Vietnam through purchasing property is expected to warm up the real estate market and boost up the economy.

Our real estate lawyers in Vietnam have always followed the changes in regulations to update client.  Officially, from July 1st, 2015 the amendment of Housing Law will come into effect. The new provisions about foreign ownership of houses in Vietnam are the highlights of the Housing Law 2014. In the Housing Law 2014, there is a separate chapter which state clearly about application subjects, requirements, rights and duties of foreigners who are allowed to buy houses in Vietnam. The application subjects have been extended compared to those in the old rules. The new regulations of Housing Law make the real estate market in Vietnam warm up.
When the Housing Law 2014 officially comes into effect, the decree which is expected to give guidance on implementation will be enacted. The regulation regarding buying houses by foreigners will be included in a specific documents having details instructions. According to the lawmakers, the Housing Law 2014 will have tighter guidelines in matters of real estate purchased by foreigners.
However to date, there is not any legal documents enacted to give instructions about the new provisions and about the Housing Law 2014 in general. According to Law on Promulgation of legal documents in 2008, the validity of legal documents is stated in the documents, but not fewer than 45 days from the day of enactment. This is a gap in Vietnam Law when the new Housing Law could not implement due to the lack of instructions and that the Resolution No. 19/2008 / QH12 about a pilot regulations on buying houses by foreign organizations and individuals has expired. Therefore, under the new rules, on July 1st, 2015 foreigners would not be able to buy house in Vietnam yet. This delay creates a legal gap and brings about difficulties and confusion.
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