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Debt recovery is always a big problem for businesses and individuals. In order to promote the production process, the process of debt recovery is always one of the concerns with the business leaders.

One of the the appropriate method is the intervention of law. ANT Lawyers Co., Ltd is a leading legal consultancy in Vietnam, with a team of experienced lawyers and legal experts that have participated and solved many debt recovery cases for businesses and individuals.
We will:
– Study the case to find the legal basis and debt data that should be handled;
– Assess the payment capability of the debtor to creditor;
– Represent the client to exposure debtor to negotiate, persuade and require debt repayment;
– Advice and instruct customer the most beneficial solutions in accordance with the law;
– Implement civil proceedings, economic proceedings or criminal proceedings against law enforcement agencies, depending on the type of entity and the nature of the transactions arising overdue debts;
In case of debt recovery through litigation, we will help customer:
– Draft petition and other papers relating to the recovery of debt;
– Represent client (individuals and organizations) to submit the petition to the Court and the competent authorities to recover the debt as stipulated by law;
– Appoint attorney to participate in protecting the legitimate rights and interests of clients (individuals and organizations) at the Court at all levels;
– Represent client (individuals and organizations) to participate in judgment enforcement
If you need help in addressing debt recovery and litigation issues, please either email us at or call to our office at: +84 8 35202779.
Let ANT Lawyers help your business in Vietnam.

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