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After establishing a company, the leader has to perform many legal procedures.

First, they have to declare the license tax. The tax declaration should be submitted to supervisory tax authorities. If the taxpayer has branch in the same province, the tax declarations of the branch should be submitted to the taxpayer’s supervisory tax authority. On the other hand, if the taxpayer has branch in another province, the tax declarations of the branch should be submitted to the supervisory tax authority of the branch. In case when the taxpayer does not have a permanent business location, the tax declaration should be submitted to the supervisory sub-department of taxation where the business located or where the taxpayer resides. License tax is submitted annually and if the taxpayer has declared and paid license tax, he is not required to submit license tax declaration in the next year if the amount of license tax payable is not changed. In case the taxpayer amount of license tax payable in the next year is changed, tax declaration shall be submitted by December 31st of that year.
Second, the enterprise has to conduct the VAT (value added tax) declaration. The taxpayer that has just begun his business shall declare VAT quarterly. In the next calendar year after 12 months of business, VAT declarations shall be declared whether monthly or quarterly depending on the revenue from the sale of goods and/or services in the preceding calendar year (12 months).VAT shall be declared monthly or quarterly throughout the calendar year and the 3-year period. For example, the first stable period begins on October 1st, 2014 and ends on December 31st 2016.
Third is the CIT declaration (corporate income tax). The CIT declaration should be submitted to the supervisory tax authorities. According to business result, the taxpayer shall make the quarterly tax payment within 30 days of quarter succeeding the quarter in which tax is incurred; they shall not submit the provisional CIT declaration quarterly.
The fourth is the invoice. Before the placing first order for invoices, the company must send a written request for permission to use ordered invoices to the supervisory tax authority. Before the business uses invoices for its sale of goods and services, except for invoices purchased from or provided by the tax authority, the business have to send a notice of invoice publication together with a sample invoice to the supervisory tax authority.
Every quarter, seller of goods and services shall submit the invoice using report to the supervisory tax authority, even when there are no invoices have been used during the period. The report of the first quarter shall be submitted by April 30th, second quarter by July 30th, third quarter by October 30th, and forth quarter by January 30th of the next year. If no invoices are used during the period, the quantity of used invoices in the report shall be zero (0).
The fifth is the bank account. The opening of bank account to trading with customer is necessary because according to the ministry of Finance, the invoice valued of 20 million VND or above should be transferred through bank. Within 10 days from the day that enterprise opens bank account, the company have to notify the bank account number to the competent tax agency.
The sixth also the last one is labour and social insurance. If the contract between enterprise and employee has duration of over 3 months, it is subjected to compulsory social insurance.

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